A software development company

Haskus is a software development company founded in 2016. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like us to develop something for you! If you want to help us continue to develop free and open-source software, please consider subscribing.

What we are working on

battuo_icon battuo.com is a web application to practice drums.
system_icon haskus-system is a framework that we are developing to perform system programming with only Haskell and the Linux kernel (the framework was previously called ViperVM).
ghc_icon We participate in the development of the main Haskell compiler (GHC). We add new features and we fix bugs.
arduino_icon We develop programs for the Arduino microcontroller.

Other projects

  • dynamic-linker-template: Haskell library that uses Template Haskell to easily create a dynamic library loading interface from the field names of a data type (field names are used to find library symbols).